July 2014 - Awarded funding from BFI Net.work Wales

The BFI NET.WORK is a UK-wide talent development programme for new and emerging film writers, directors and producers

  • I apply for £3,000 to take a research trip to Ghana.

October 2014 - Writing in Marseilles, France

  • Self imposed residency in Marseille for two weeks. Lots of problems with the script that I can't resolve. Meltdown ensues.

May 2014 - I AM NOT A WITCH awarded Hubert Bals funding

The Hubert Bals fund is designed to help filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and parts of Eastern Europe. It provides funds in various categories.

  • I AM NOT WITCH is awarded €10,000 for development funding. After working in the project unpaid and with zero finance since January 2013. This is the first time we got some monetary support. Hubert Bals release €5,000 initially and then the rest after you submit a draft of the script.

January 2014 - Moulin D'Ande Residency

Project accepted to Moulin D'Ande Residency through Cinefondation. The Moulin d’Andé Cultural Association promotes arts, crafts and literature. One of the main aims of the Association is to welcome artists and researchers to facilitate their research & creative work. Provides support for - scriptwriters, writers for the cinema and composers of film music. Professional meetings are organised with scriptwriters, filmmakers, composers and key producers.

  • I have an opportunity to to reside the for a period of 1 month. I can spread out the month how I want. So I initially take 2 weeks to work on the script. During the 2 weeks SOLIDARITE Draft 0,0 becomes I AM NOT A WITCH 15 page Treatment. I use this treatment to submit to Hubert Bals Fund for development support.

November 2013 - Amiens International Film Festival, France.

Amiens Film Festival select 15 - 20 projects per year. Directors and Producers are invited to pitch their project in front of an international Jury. The jury then select to award 5 prizes ( 4 win €10,000 and 1 wins €7,500).

  • Unfortunately SOLIDARITE doesn't win anything.

July 2013 - IFP No Boarders, USA.

IFP No Borders is a U.S forum that allows buyers, sales agents and financiers to meet with independent producers presenting new narrative projects in various stages of development.

  • We pitch to a variety of production companies including Sony Classics and Weinstein Co.

July 2013 - Durban FilmMart, South Africa.

Selected for the 4th Durban FilmMart. Run in conjunction with Durban Film Festival, the Durban FilmMart Finance Forum gives a chance to pitch projects to potential financiers. Also an opportunity to Network and find potential partners.

  • The project (as SOLIDARITE) wins the IFP No Borders Prize. This is a prize gives us the opportunity to pitch the project at IFP No Borders in New York.

June 2013 - MFI Film Workshop, Greece.

MFI Film Workshop is an advanced training program offering a platform for the effective script & project development of feature projects.

  • Worked in a script workshop with Nykos Panayotopoulos.

February 2013 - Cannes Cinefondation Residency, France.


Cannes Residency welcomes filmmakers from around the world and gives them a place of residence in the heart of Paris, a personalised programme accompanying the writing of their scripts, and a collective programme of forums with film industry professionals.

  • Applied with a 10 - page treatment called SOLIDARITE. During Residency I transformed the treatment to a draft 0.0.